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Watching the Doodles Grow

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

A crew of multicolored puppies holds a world of possibilities. Willow, the mom of our last batch of doodles is a great example. Her mother Phebe is as well. There are two great factors to be aware of with Goldendoodles as they grow. Change is going to come and there is not a way to tell exactly how they will look as adults.

At left you can see Phebe our Silver Phantom Doodle and her ten pups from 2021. At birth 6 black 3 light and one brown in the middle. The sleek brown in the middle is our latte brown curly Phantom Doodle Willow. She is the one we decided to keep out of the litter. Nine females one male.

The first picture on the left is the day we brought home Phebe. She was mostly black but had some silver around her face and looked like an old man. Beautiful heritage but did not look like the others in her litter. Last to be chosen but has turned heads from passers by and breeders alike for her Silver Phantom colors and hair type. The second picture is Phebe and her daughter Willow who was brown and sleek at birth and became tight curley with a latte blend of gray, brown, and black with brown masking and golden brown eyes.

The dog by the tree is Theo, who belongs with a family of kids and is a beautiful black stud. Phebe and our three dogs are in the next shots.

On the left is Kruz, on the right Missy who is grown and in the video at the end on a training session for assistance to her owner in stores while using a scooter. The two sisters at the bottom were from two different litters from Kruz, one with Phebe and one with a blond doodle and yet they look like Phebe when grown. Notice how light Missy is in the training video as an adult. The blonde pup with the white paws is Ziggy Pawdust and has his own instagram.

Check out his color and look as a grown adventurous adult doodle.

The outcome is variable, and we do not guarantee outcome of coloration and coat changes due to the dog's genetics. That is half the adventure! These dogs are so smart, versatile and loving and can accomplish great things.

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